Did you know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2020, 40% of the American workforce will be made up of freelancers, consultants, & solopreneurs? It's becoming more common for people to work from home or in a small start up company. Most people work better together in a highly collaborative environment than they do alone. 

Coworking evolved from a societal need to bring this workforce together & share the costs of an office. By sharing resources & space, coworking helps bring communities together in a flexible & affordable environment. 

Let's face it, working at home can be isolating & makes it difficult to draw a line between your work & home life. Working at a coffee shop is an option, but can be noisy & disruptive. Business centers are also an option, but the sense of culture is lost as different businesses do not tend to socialize together. 

Coworking breeds a sense of community while simultaneously providing a quiet area where you can focus on work. Coworking helps you by sharing space with other like-minded individuals or companies, opening up the opportunity to collaborate & socialize your next big idea. 



Here at plug&play, we offer permanent desk space and private offices for you &/or your team. Pay a simple membership fee & you'll have a space to work without the noise of a coffee shop, loneliness of a home office, or exorbitant cost of a full office. 

Your membership fee also gets you access to printers, scanner, conference room, coffee & beverages, craft space, snacks, & you can even borrow from our library of books, comics, & board games. We strive to make this a friendly & collaborative work environment where you can easily focus on tasks or take a break & relax. 

Want to sign up to try it out? Its easy! Try a day for free to help get your coworking feet wet. Just Contact Us to let us know you'll be stopping by.

WHY plug&play?

Why should you come work at plug&play? We are a group of game developers, publishers, & designers looking to share space with other creative yet business-minded individuals. We understand the joy of creativity & the hard work behind making cool ideas into successful business ventures. 

As a member of plug&play, you are also encouraged to hold "office hours" for 1 hour a week. As a result, you have the ability to collaborate with people from different industries & backgrounds to acquire new skills! Want to bounce an idea off of a member? It's easy, just ask. 

In addition to collaborating professionally, our members enjoy a variety of activities together from playing board games to walking down to the local brewery for a pint after work. Check out what the neighborhood has to offer! Occasionally, someone will bring in a box of donuts or a cake to celebrate a birthday. We have that small office vibe without all the stuffiness & clutter of the corporate world we decided to leave behind.